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SEND is a delivery platform that allows users to send items conveniently and effectively at affordable prices. It is also a platform for people to become SENDers and earn income according to their lifestyle.
Our SENDers are thoroughly screened prior to employment for criminal record and background checks, while their services are rated by our users for safety and quality assurance.
SEND is currently operating in the Klang Valley, and will be expanding to other regions and countries soon.
SEND uses a fair and transparent bidding system that allows users to choose from the best prices available, as quoted by the SENDers.

SEND accepts various payment methods, such as MasterCard or Visa credit and debit cards. FPX will soon be made available.

Please contact SEND at or 1700 81 5516 or +6012 516 2799 for more details.
It is our priority at SEND to provide users with efficient and timely delivery services. The total time taken for each delivery is dependent on the distance between the pick-up location and the delivery destination, and may further be affected by factors such as traffic during peak hours.
Any item that is legal and permitted by the local law and authority.
All our SENDers are required to submit their personal details and are subject to thorough screening and background checks prior to employment. Additionally, there is a live tracking system put in place to monitor our SENDers whereabouts.
SEND provides flexible ways to earn income. As a SENDer, you are empowered to work within your own capacity to accommodate to your lifestyle. You can decide on your working time and choose jobs that you are comfortable with.
SEND is an online platform which allows you to create a job or to work as a SENDer. SENDers are required to bid for a job they would want to take on and the users will then choose a SENDer based on the pricing and rating.
Any person above the age of 18 who owns a vehicle and has no criminal record is eligible to sign up as a SENDer. And the person can only signup to be a SENDer within the region that SEND is available for service.
The earning of a SENDer is dependent on the number of jobs being taken and the total distance travelled for each job. SEND uses a bidding system which allows you to decide on the best price for each job. SEND will charge RM3 or 10% whichever is higher of the bid price as our SEND admin fee.
Payment calculation is carried out weekly. Payment will be transferred directly to the SENDer’s bank account not later than Thursday of the following week, unless SENDer has been informed otherwise. Notification of any delayed payment will be informed by SEND. (More information in Payment Details)
SEND allows other means of delivery methods such as walking or cycling – as long as you can get the job done in time.
SEND allows flexible working hours to accommodate to the SENDer’s lifestyle.
To sign up as a SENDer, you can apply online via our website or call us at 1700 81 5516 or +6012 516 2799. Once accepted, the representatives at SEND will contact you to send you a training invitation.
Any item that is legal and permitted by the Malaysian law is allowed by SEND.
If such issue arises, the SENDer must immediately notify SEND for legal counsel arrangements.
This will not be an issue as SENDers are empowered to decide on the best price for each job. This allows the users to choose a SENDer based not just on the rating, but also the bidding price. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss about any unfair ratings.
SEND is not directly responsible for any accident involving our SENDers, either for vehicle damages or personal injuries. All expenses and charges that may arise will be directed to the personal responsibility of the SENDer.

A SENDer is strongly advised to obtain a personal insurance. SEND can only act as a mediator in helping both parties in finding a solution in the event of an accident, such as by providing information that is helpful to an investigation like license plates.