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Cost & Payment

SEND’s bidding system allows everyone to enjoy an affordable delivery service at a fair and transparent pricing. We offer packages for both Merchants and personal use.

Payment options include MasterCard or Visa credit and debit cards, online banking*, SEND credits, and SEND voucher codes.
*To be available soon
Estimated Cost For Each Delivery
Distance (km) Estimated Delivery Cost Range**
2 - 10 RM5 - RM15
10 - 20 RM16 - RM22
20 - 30 RM23 - RM32
30 - 40 RM32 - RM45
**Estimated cost is based on distance traveled by motorcycle.
  It may not accurately represent the final cost as it will be determined by the bidding price.

Looking For Something For Your Business?
For business or large delivery amount (business purposes), contact our Sales Representative at: or call 1700 81 5516