SEND | What To Send?

Getting Started

What To SEND?

Whether it is a special ocassion, work matters, something you left behind or even just a meal to fill your hungry tummy; SEND is able to deliver it.
One important note, just make sure it is legal and permitted by the Malaysian law. Need some ideas? See below:
Give Someone A Surprise
SEND: Flowers, cakes, balloons and etc.
Get Your Work Sorted
SEND: Documents, contracts, cheques and etc.
Sharing On Festivity
SEND: Gifts, hamper, fruit basket and etc.
Shopping Galore
SEND: Clothing, Limited Edition, orders and etc.
Something Big
SEND: Furniture, piano, deco and etc.
Forgotten Something
SEND: Mobile phone, wallet, laptop and etc.
Feeling Hungry
SEND: Home cooked meals, restaurant order, fast food and etc.